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What Makes Us Different?

We believe our team of great people is what truly sets us apart. Our mixologists, bartenders, servers, and event hosts come from some of BC’s best bars and restaurants. They are all professionally trained, experienced, and ServingItRight certified.

Every event is different. The bartending and service team play a key role in guest experience. From Hawaiian-themed birthday parties and office Christmas parties to formal corporate receptions and anything in between, there is a Lavish team to suit your event.

Creating Lavish Experiences Since 2009

With more than 50 years combined experience in bartending, hospitality management, and event production paired with a passion for premium customer service, Lavish Liquid has raised the bar for special event bar services in Vancouver.

Since 2009, we have provided the Lavish Liquid event bar experience to a broad range of clients. From intimate cocktail receptions for 20 to outdoor festivals for 100,000, our team of experienced bartenders and event managers has set a new standard for event bar service in Vancouver, BC.

Our Mission

To be the premiere name in mobile event bartending service and events, providing luxurious service experiences for our clients and their guests again and again


Christopher Chuy

Principal / VP Business Development & Operations

When Chris first got behind the bar at the age of 18, he realized an intense passion for beer, wine, and spirits which he turned into a career. Chris has mastered creating a custom cocktail for any event (like the perfect “his and hers” wedding cocktails). He works to understand his client’s vision and execute the perfect party, managing every detail so hosts can enjoy their event stress-free.

“I love what I do because I enjoy putting all the pieces together. Seeing it come through from beginning to end and knowing that we have taken care of every little detail.”

Where you’re from: Vancouver, BC

First Bartending Gig: 2005 – Villa Amato Ballroom

Favorite Spirit: Tequila

Favorite Cocktail: Paloma

How Did you Get Into The Industry: I used to be a bus boy for a catering company back in 1999 and loved the energy around the bar.  I wanted to learn to create delicious cocktails and work in a social environment.

First Time Working with Lavish: Day 1

Favorite Hobby: Softball (currently play on 3 teams)

Education, Certification & Awards: BCIT – Welding (although don’t ask me to do anything cause I forgot most methods except for acetylene welding) Bar Smarts, Bar Smarts Advanced, WSET Spirits 2, Award T – Conesjo Regulador de Tequila

Reece Sims


Reece started bartending in 2015 and quickly went all-in on learning the craft. Over the course of four years she immersed herself in the industry, bartending at some of the top cocktail bars in Vancouver, competing in cocktail competitions, acting as an ambassador for brands at spirit tasting events, taking wine & spirits courses and blogging about whisk(e)y on her site Whiskey Muse. 

After transitioning into the Agency side and working for two years as the downtown On-Premise Territory Sales Manager for PMA Canada, the pandemic hit and she moved over to Lavish Liquid to help Chris build The Bar Cart which has grown from humble beginnings into a large cocktail kit and class experiential wing under the Lavish Liquid brand.

In her spare time Reece hosts Whisk(e)y Tasting Sessions via the SIP Collective and writes about whisk(e)y in TASTE Magazine and Relish & Whisky Magazine.

Where you’re From: Victoria, BC

First Bartending Gig:
 The Blarney Stone Pub (2015)

Favorite Spirit:

Favorite Cocktail:
 Whisk(e)y neat

What made you get into the industry:
 I was consulting and needed to make extra cash so I started bartending on weekends at a local pub. I immediately fell in love with the industry and haven’t looked back since.

First time I worked with Lavish: 2018 – I taught a cocktail class at Dirty Apron

Favorite hobby outside the bar: Writing & Power/Olympic Lifting. Booze + Barbells are where it’s at (but like, not at the same time).

Education/Certifications: Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction (UVic), WSET3, Executive Bourbon Stewardship Certification, Irish Distilling Academy Certificate, selected as Vancouver’s Best Bartender by Populist Media in 2018, and have also competed in over a dozen Cocktail Competitions including most recently being Top 10 finalist in Canada for Patron Perfectionists (2021) and the Winner of the Mionetto Canada Cocktail Competition (2020).

Jennifer Garcia


Jennifer fell in love with the fast pace and social interaction of the event business and set her sights on becoming an Event Planner over 10 years ago, graduating with a diploma program in Event Management at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

Known for her love of globetrotting travel, wine, cocktails, and great food, Jennifer has had the opportunity to gain inspiration in many parts of the world and after working for the top catering company in Vancouver for 6 years, she decided to pursue her passions further in Food & Beverage, completing her BC Wine Ambassador Level 1 and 2 along with her WSET 1, 2, and 3 in Wine.  

With a keen eye on emerging event trends and her newfound knowledge, Jennifer’s mission is to enhance and elevate the dining experience to create beautifully curated events for her clients.

Where you’re from: Abu Dhabi, UAE 

First Bartending Gig: I have never been behind the bar but I frequent many bars

Favourite spirit: Gin!

Favourite cocktail: Dirty Gin Martini and Negroni

What made you get into the Industry: Bringing my passion of food and drink into my daily work life.  You know what they say “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!”

First time working with Lavish Liquid: 4 years ago through Culinary Capers, officially joined Summer of 2021

Favourite Hobby: Travelling with lots of wine and dining

Education/Certifications: Event Management Program at Art Institute of Vancouver, WSET Level 1 + 2, WSET 3 Candidate and BC Wine Ambassador Program Level 1 + 2


Gregory Dechant


Where you’re from: Olympia, Washington

First Bartending Gig: Sovereign Canada Spirited Sessions – Industry-facing Education Events

Favourite Spirit: Mezcal

Favourite Cocktail: Vodka Martini, Daiquiri, Negroni (Which of the three depends on the mood and time of year)

What made you want to get into the Industry: Focusing my education on International Business I wanted to gain experience working with a Canadian Import Agency. A family acquaintance led me to working at a Wine and Spirits Agency. I quickly found the Wine and Spirits community, in Vancouver, to be a vibrant group of people who care passionately about the services they provide and the hospitality given to their guests/clients. I found a personal love for the world of bartending and Craft Cocktails.

First time you time you worked with Lavish Liquid: Science of the Cocktail

Favourite Hobby: Hiking/Backpacking

Education/Certifications: Bachelors of Business Administration (With Distinction), Advanced Diploma in International Business Management, Diploma of General Arts and Sciences, WEST Level 2, WSET 3 Candidate

Elisa Verinder


Where you’re from: Brandon, Manitoba

First Bartending Gig:
Miss Q’s Pool Hall

Favourite Spirit: Tequila, although in the past few years grew a love for a Cabernet Sauvignon and usually gravitate towards wine now.

Favourite Cocktail: Classic Margarita, but after working with The Bart Cart the Pica Pina or Diosa Verde may be taking over.

What made you get into the Industry: Part time work while attending university.

First time working with Lavish: June 2014 (outside patio bar for a 40th Birthday).

Favorite hobby: Anything that involves quality time with my daughter (crafts, hikes) and shopping

Education/Certificates: Business Administration (many years ago at ACC in home town), 15 + years in the industry, most recently 11 years with Cactus Club (server, bartender, bar manager & floor manager)

Jeff Laderoute


Jeff started in the Hospitality industry when he first moved to Vancouver in 2007. Known for his upbeat personality and eye for aesthetics, Jeff found that the bar was the perfect avenue to showcase his talents. As he notes, “once I got behind the bar, I know what I wanted to do – make drinks, and create memorable experiences.”

Where you’re from: Ottawa, Ontario

First Bartending Gig: Martinis Restaurant

Favourite Spirit: Tequila

Favourite Cocktail: Hastings Sunrise

What made you want to get into the Industry: I wanted to be part of creating memorable experiences and to expand on my skill set in the food and beverage industry.

First time you time you worked with Lavish Liquid: I first worked for Lavish way back in 2009

Favourite Hobby: Dancing in my living room

Education/Certifications: Highschool, Food Safe & Serving it Right

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Hastings Sunrise




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